Thursday, April 30, 2009

It's A Party (Gifts Included)

Yep, that is right, a party! A PROCRASTINATORS Party!!! Just what I need to get me in gear with those projects that make me cringe when they are mentioned. Before I can link this to the hostess, I have to figure out how to use Mr. Linky! That is a little discouraging for me, but I have already started my project, so I want wait until I figure out Mr. Linky to begin my job (thus procrastinating)!! Clear as mud??? 14 1/2 hours later: Going to try to finish post and get Mr. Linky to work. Thanks to Melissa at for hosting the party and helping me with Mr. Linky. The project that makes me cringe: My Scrapbook/Craft closet.

Isn't that horrible?!!?!!?!!? You don't have to answer that! Now, if you noticed, I mentioned gifts with this party. I certainly didn't expect anything other than a clean, organized space when I decided to join this party. Which is ample reward!!! Low and behold, as I was cleaning out everything, I found a prize! Behind a 3-drawer chest that I pulled out, there was a black jewelry box. I opened it and found this:

I know that the image is a little blurry, but you get the idea. I lost a necklace that my hubby had given me for my birthday with matching earrings. I had the earrings, but couldn't figure out what in the world had happened to the necklace. Well, fast forward at least two years, tah dah! I found my necklace. Now how is that for a surprise?

Off to work on sorting, purging and replacing! Wish me luck!


Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

Yay! A prize! That makes it all the more special!

Thanks for joining in!

Paula said...

You will enjoy the finished product.