Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Tears and Laughter, Joy and Sorrow, PART II

December 17, 2007 NMMC Women's Center My doctor, husband and I decided to go ahead and have my baby on this day. As you read earlier, my father passed away this very morning, and that evening, came the tears of joy to replace the sorrow. God brought to us our precious baby girl, Sarah Grace (Gracie). She is named after my mom and Jimmy's grandmother. She arrived into this world one month early right at 5 lbs. I have never seen so many doctors and nurses in one room. Because of the medication, it was sort of all a blur. I do remember that one of my very best friends (Rachelle) and my mother in law were able to join us during this precious time. I don't know how my hubby was still standing. He had been running back and forth all day trying to take care of me and my mom. OH, by the way, in case I have never told you all, I have the BEST husband in the world, hands down!!!!! I love him so much!!!

Throughout the course of the day, my nurses and doctors took excellant care of me and were so kind. Actually, that was the most impressed I have ever been with NMMC staff. Everyone was great. Once again I give God the glory!! I could have never made it through saying goodbye to my daddy forever and hello to our new baby girl without His grace sustaining me!!! I was amazingly calm and at peace. Gracie was in NICU for a week, but most of that was to help us out during the funeral. We brought Gracie home right before Christmas. He used Gracie this past year to help my mom through. She always says, "God took away an old life and replaced it with a new one."

Again, right smack in the middle of the busiest season of the year, my friends and family came through for us. My mother in law had taken the other 3 children to Kentucky with her for the weekend before this time. As a matter of fact, they arrived home the day I had Gracie. It was so wonderful to know that they were being taken care of and not have to worry about them. Then they went to Lynn's and stayed and then to Lori's. You ladies will never know how much I appreciate your kindness and service. My family was blessed with so many baby gifts, meals and prayers during this time. I pray that God will make me and my family a blessing to others in the same way.

I feel like I have rambled through these two posts, but I hope my message was clear. God has sustained us!!!! He has blessed us with many wonderful friends, family and acquaintences.

Merry Christmas to All

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Stacy said...

I love to see the hand of God in each of our lives. We have many stories to share also. We should all keep journals of Gods grace to us. Without Him we couldn't make it! And I have to argue...I have the best hubby! HAHAHAHHA