Thursday, October 23, 2008

I Love Fall

This weather makes me so happy. I love the cool breeze and hearing the wind in the trees. That sound is so calming to me!! Even though it is the season that things are dying out, the freshness and crispness of the air is refreshing to me. Oh and I am so blessed to live on land with lots of trees, love the colors of fall.

Last night we went and had a bonfire with some friends. We roasted hot dogs and made smores!!! Yummy!! The kids played and played and played. It was such an enjoyable evening. Mom enjoyed it too. For those of you who don't know me, my 75 year old mom lives with me. We just drag her around wherever we go. She usually loves it.

Also, anyone who knows us, knows that we seem to attract stray dogs at our house. We just gained a momma dog this summer that was pregnant. We helped birth the puppies and it was great. Then they kept growing and we couldn't give them away. Finally had to take them to the Humane Society which broke my heart. But, they all had happy homes within a few days. Yet another female dog has wandered up. Well, my mom has become quite attached to it and wants to keep it. As Jimmy said last night, that battle was lost quickly. I guess we are going to keep her for Mom. She sat and held her under her blanket last night in front of the bonfire and just talked and talked to her. This could be a blessing if the dog will listen. She loves to talk and it is usually about the same subjects over and over.

I hope everyone enjoys this weather like I am.


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Paula said...

I love fall too. You are sooooooo right about the dog. I hope she will listen to mother without getting fretful. I don't know what it is, but mother has Jimmy's number. Even though it has been cloudy today, the wind has blown the leaves around in swirls and the temperature is great.

Aunt Paula (Better Known As Your Sister)