Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Our Mini Vacation

Thank you all for welcoming me to the world of blogging. It has taken me a while to get back, only because of my KHAOS. I decided I need to set some goals for blogging if I am going to get anything done. I love the tickers, and have spent way too much time trying to find the perfect one. I want to tell you all about the State Fair. I want to organize the placements of my children with their goats and post them for the season. They will love that. I want to post pictures, and don't have a clue. Maybe my sweet husband can help me. Now, I have told you the things I want to share and I am going to try to get started.

We left last Wednesday and drove to Summit, MS. That is just south of Jackson. One of my dearest friends lives there and we went to visit her. I can remember when I met her, I babysat her toddler and infant. Now the toddler is a freshman in college and the infant is driving. It was so good to see them and how they have grown physically and in the Lord. I am so proud of them!! It was great being able to visit with the whole family.

Then we drove back to Jackson on Friday morning for the MS State Fair and Livestock Show. The resting was over and the work began. Someone had to be continually holding Gracie or she had to be in her stroller. She has started crawling and pulling up, so needless to say she was not too happy about being contained for two days! After only a few hours being there, I twisted my ankle and was pretty much out of commission. The goats had to be washed first. Then we blow their hair dry before we clip it. After the clipping, they get a goat pedicure. Just kidding, we have to trim their hooves. Then we have to get the kids cleaned up and dressed. Ryan and Ben both placed in their classes. I will post the placements later with all of the others. After showing one goat on Friday, they were off to another competition or two. First they did Goat Bowl Quiz. They are on teams of two and they compete against other teams to answer questions correctly. The boys had both studied for this for two weeks. Ben's team came in 3rd place!!!! This was a nice break because it was inside an air conditioned building. Back to the barn for judging competition. This teaches the kids decision making skills and giving reasons to back up their reasons. This is an independent activity. They learned a lot from this, I hope!! We finally got to the hotel about 8:30. Back up and going at 5:30. Ben shows his goat on Saturday.

Saturday afternoon and the children finally get to go to the fair. They spent more time deciding what to ride than they did standing in line!!! This fair is much cleaner and nicer than the one we have in Verona. After a fun afternoon at the fair we head home and arrive in about 9:00 pm. It was great to be home and back in church on Sunday morning.

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