Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Ben's Birthday

Today is the 9th birthday of my "baby" boy. He is such a blessing to me. He loves to snuggle and he is very tenderhearted. As he grows older, I see him struggle with just how to handle that and I pray that he will look to Jesus for the answers. It was a pretty lazy day as the children chose to do today's school work yesterday. We started the morning out opening a present before Dad left for work. Then Ben helped me fix the breakfast of his choice--Monkey Bread. Yummy!!! I had 3 little monkeys bouncing off of the walls, since it was raining outside. They did manage to bounce on the trampoline this afternoon. After breakfast, he finished opening his presents. They played and watched "Little House" all afternoon. Dinner was easy, we had breakfast for supper. I say it was easy, but I suffered through a little pain. As I was frying eggs, grease popped in my eye and burned my eyeball. Now there is a banana pound cake waiting on the stove with a little wax added. With the normal chaos around here, I managed to put the candles in a hot cake. They melted from the bottom up and fell over. I don't think Ben even knows it yet. They are watching the new Star Wars movie that his big brother gave him for his birthday. Well, I am going now since my baby girl is behind me begging for dinner.


Paula said...

Never a dull moment. I look up to you. I never had more than one and she was with Mother and Daddy so much I hardly remember being a Mother, other than the fact that I was single and always had to work to jobs to give her the things she wanted and the things I wanted for her. Be glad you and your children are not materialistic.

Aunt Paula

Lynn said...

Thanks for having us over this afternoon! We enjoyed it so much - good to finally meet Rena!
I tagged you:)