Tuesday, November 25, 2008

What a Week

Whew!!! Last week was like a whirlwind! It started out on Sunday with Aunt Paula coming to stay for the week. Monday morning Gracie has an ear infection, thus she isn't very happy for the week. We celebrated Thanksgiving this past Sunday and that is why Aunt Paula was here. To prepare for the occaision. Her favorite thing to do is cook. She loves to include the children in this process. So she comes out here with big plans!! My big plans include surviving every day.

A side note: This Thanksgiving was a very special one to us all. Especially my Mom! I am going to condense the story. This summer we found out that we had a brother we didn't know about. My mom had a son at 16 and her dad made her put him up for adoption. She had asked Paula to try to find him and she did. Bill and his wife, Diane, came and spent this weekend with us and we celebrated Thanksgiving.

And now, page 2. We had a great time the whole week with Aunt Paula, just really busy. She had the whole menu planned out and ready to cook. Monday morning Ryan and Caroline helped her make homemade cheese biscuits. They were yummy!!! Then Monday afternoon they made some sweet potatoe/cranberry cookies. They were yummy as well!! The next exciting thing was on Thursday night. Our friends the Mims, Hamiltons, and Burlesons and cousins Laila and Chase came over to make pilgrim hat cookies. It was a riot with so many children passing through, but I think they enjoyed it! I know Aunt Paula did and the moms enjoyed visiting.

Things start to become a blur from here. At some point we were ready to brine the turkey. Well, once again Ryan and Caroline were in the kitchen with Aunt Paula, this was to gross for Ben. They got to rub the "bird", as Aunt Paula calls it, with butter and oil and spices. They had to go under the skin and thought this was great fun. I am with Ben, I can't stand raw meat of any kind. Aunt Paula ended up getting tickled and falling in the floor. I know it sounds bad, but she was laughing harder than anyone. The turkey turned out great and so did everything else! We are very thankful for the opportunity to spend time with family, old and new alike!! Welcome to the family Uncle Bill and Aunt Diane! ...and Millie Mae (the puppy)! I am going to sign off for now and I hope that you all have a blessed Thanksgiving as we did.



Lynn said...

So glad that you all had a blessed Thanksgiving! I am sure you are exhausted will all the excitement! Will you have Thanksgiving with Jimmy's family Thursday? At least, you can spread the eating out over a few days! love ya

Paula said...

Kim - What is tag and how does it work?


Paula said...

I love you and had a blast last week.

LOL, Paula